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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moving right along...

I made it through week one of my Mystic Perceptions
blog tour.  The tour it's self was great, met a lot of people
I otherwise wouldn't have along the way.
My only regret is not having enough time to get out and
about the net more.  During my tour I had to work the
entire week, which meant anytime I had a few moments
to spare at work I bolted back to my office to check the
blogs.  My staff laughed at me for taking on even more
than I already do.

I'm looking forward to next week's stops even more now 
and I've also decided I will do a tour again near the end
of October after Salvation is released. 

On other writing matters, despite my crazy week at work
and keeping up with the blog tour I managed to get some
new writing done.  (I'll sleep in my next life)
The Witch Within is now nearing the 10,000 word mark
and so far my characters are delighting me by changing
the plot I had in mind.
Animal Heart is hopefully nearing the end (as long as I don't
go back and change it again) at 67,000 words.  
With Mystic Perceptions out, it gave me a renewed energy
to finish the second story in the trilogy.  Dream Visions is
almost finished (51,000 words), I'm just changing a few 
events in it and then I'll start the long process of getting it 
polished up to submit.

Here's a new excerpt from Mystic Perceptions for everyone!

Quickly, she waved over to Brent. “See you tomorrow--
have a good night.” And walked quickly out the door.
Slowly Brent turned to him. “Does that strike you as
odd at all?”
“What?” Brent studied him. “Who are you and where
have you put my partner?” He shook his head. “She’s
determined to publish her profile. You pretty much lay
down the law and she smiles and waves?”
Suddenly it dawned on him. Reid glanced at the door
she’d gone through then back at his partner. “Shit.” He had
to stop letting her distract him.
Pointing at him, Brent grinned. “Now you’re back.”
Grabbing his jacket off the chair, Reid shrugged into it.
“She’s gone to her office to do just that.”
“Good guess, Sherlock.”
Reid threw him a glare. “She is not going to use herself
as bait.” He started walking towards the door.
“So were you?”
Stopping, he gave his partner a confused look. “Was I?”
“Kissing her in the closet?”
He shrugged. “We’re working with her.”
“Yes, we are.” With a bland look on his face, Brent put
his hands in his pockets.
Reid stood there looking at him for a few seconds then
smirked as he turned, walking out the door. He ignored the
laughing. If he hurried he could get there before she had
time to do something stupid.


Standing beside the desk, she watched Sandy type.
“Those are my interests and hobbies?” She grinned as she
went over to the small refrigerator and pulled out two
bottles of water. “I don’t even know what a few of those
are--can’t we at least tone it down a bit so if I have to reply
to any messages I know what I’m writing?”
Sandy laughed and pushed the chair back from the
desk. Taking the bottle of water , she tapped the cap with a
manicured fingernail. “You’ll do fine. You don’t have to be
this person, just fake it for a while.” She opened the cap
then grinned at Jac across the desk. “So how rich are we
going to make you?”
“I’d say dirt poor,” a too-familiar voice said quietly.
Jac was jolted and turned towards the door.
Reid grinned at them. “Ladies--I was in the
neighborhood, thought I’d stop in and say hi.”
“We were just…” She hoped he couldn’t hear how fast
her heart was beating.
“Being rebellious?” Walking around, he looked at the
computer screen then grinned at Sandy, who sat there
looking guilty. “Doctor Gains.”

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